Jim Herr President
Victoria Needham Vice President
Andrea Lowever Design Director
Operations Manager Parron Hal Jim Burns
Donna Shirley Vice President

Jim Burns

THE PROFESSIONAL – Jim has been in the furniture industry for over 27 years, and as a result, there is little that he has not done or seen. His vast product knowledge and ability to manage complex demands on a daily basis are huge assets to the Parron Hall team. He loves his job “for the diversity it contains, as well as the family atmosphere at Parron Hall.” He continues, saying that “the internal culture at Parron Hall is like ‘family’ due to the longevity of the personnel, which also allows us to sustain long term relationships with our clients.” If Parron Hall is a family, then Jim is certainly an “oldest child” who looks after everyone, most especially, the customer!

THE JOB – “Simply put, my job is to empty the warehouse as the sales people fill it, and to help them fill it by shifting around the sales support staff as needed.”

THE PERSON – Wood working was a hobby for Jim, “until he had kids–now it is just kids.” His family is what he is most passionate about now, and a perfect day off would be spent doing anything with his wife and boys.

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