Jim Herr President
Victoria Needham Vice President
Andrea Lowever Design Director
Robert Welsh Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Director of Customer Experience

Gary Laughlin

THE PROFESSIONAL – Donna began her career in the Commercial Interiors Industry in 1979 as a contract furnishings account executive, and found her passion to help companies successfully navigate change in the workplace environment. She has founded several companies, including a contract furniture dealership in San Diego. In 2005, she joined DIRTT Environmental Solutions, and became DIRTT’s Regional Manager in Southern California. She has participated in over 300 “rapid construction” projects with DIRTT. In addition to managing the Parron Hall Sales and Interior Construction Solutions teams, Donna serves as a strategic resource for our clients and alliance partners, helping our team create flexible, highly productive work environments that will attract and retain top talent, and ensuring they are at the forefront of office trends.

THE PERSON – Her kids call her the “refurbisher”, because no old house, furniture, garment, or appliance is safe from being renovated, fixed, repaired, or polished. Making old things useful again is fun for her. When she’s not knee deep in a “redo” project, she loves to travel, hike, visit art museums, and cook.

Work Hobbies