Jim Herr Chief Executive Officer Parron Hall
Gary Laughlin Chief Operating Officer
Keith Calabro Vice President of Sales & Marketing
Director of Accounting Brianna Scherer Parron Hall
Jason Lewis Director of Operations

Brianna Scherer

THE PROFESSIONAL - Brianna has been in the Accounting Field for 35 years in a range of industries; from Automotive, Publishing, Manufacturing, Service, Installation, Moving and the Furniture Dealership. Brianna brought her over-all diverse experience to Parron Hall in 2016 and has taken a lead role in ensuring accuracy and timely filing of all aspects of the Accounting and Finance Cycle. She is extremely organized and always has a “what can I do, how can I help” attitude.

THE JOB - Manages the accounting and financial systems with a wonderful team that ensures the timeliness of reports and compliance with GAAP for Parron Hall.

THE PERSON - Always on the go, Brianna keeps busy when not working. She enjoys spending time with her daughter and grandson, at her Desert House, sewing and cooking for her husband. A great day off is putting dinner on the smoker and reading a great book with a glass of red wine.

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