High School Collaborative

Featuring Allsteel Furniture Solutions

High School Collaborative

Featuring Furniture Solutions

Transforming High School Learning Through Collaboration and Design

Our client approached us with the goal of creating an innovative and inspiring environment that would promote collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity among high school students. To achieve this, they needed furniture solutions that would not only facilitate an interactive and engaging learning environment but also foster a culture of inclusivity and teamwork. 

As high schools continue to adapt to new ways of teaching and learning, one thing remains constant: collaboration is essential for success. Whether it's group projects, peer reviews, or brainstorming sessions, students need to work together to develop their critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. And to support this collaborative learning, innovative and functional furniture is essential in the education environment.

For this local high school, the goal was to create an environment that fosters innovation and inspiration. With our collaborative furniture solutions, we designed a space that creates a culture of innovation, creativity, and productivity. In addition, the furniture adds a splash of color and personality to the school. The bright pops of red and blue in the designs perfectly match the school colors and create a welcoming and energizing atmosphere.

By utilizing several of our collaborative education furniture lines, we were able to provide a dynamic and adaptable learning space that promotes active and participatory learning, encourages student engagement, and cultivates interpersonal skills. We are excited to see the positive impact our furniture solutions will have on the students and teachers, and we are proud to be a part of their journey towards academic excellence.

Project Facts

Location: San Diego, CA
Size: 82,854 SF
Environments: Classrooms, collaboration spaces, small meeting and 1-on-1 rooms, private offices, waiting areas, workstations
Featured Allsteel Products: Rock Chair, Recharge Bench Seating, Align Casegoods, Retreat Lounge Seating, Aware Training Tables, Seek Nesting Chairs
Other Featured Products: National Whirl Task Seating, National Tag side chairs, ERG International Raven Lounge seating

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