DIRTT’s Leaf™ Folding Wall

4 Ways Leaf Folding Wall from DIRTT Will Add Value to Your Workspace

Leaf Folding Wall – Open up a World of Opportunity

Product Development at the DIRTT Headquarters Factory has designed the premiere “Leaf™” Folding Wall. One definition of leaf is “The hinged part or flap of a door, or table.” Enhancing your space while meeting your sustainability goals, this hinged sliding wall can be implemented into new wall systems and can be retrofitted into walls that have already been installed, which collapses to liberate space or contain it.

Benefits of Leaf Folding Wall:

To keep you nimble during constant change, the Leaf solution satisfies a wide range of needs and industry requirements so you:

  1. Accommodate sudden change with ease – Responding quickly and efficiently to change is smart and powerful business tactic. Sharpen your business edge by turning an open expanse into a multifunctional space in moments.
  2. Reuse your existing DIRTT components – Retrofitting existing solid, glass and stacked walls with a Leaf mechanism means elements you already own are repurposed, significantly reducing waste and environmental impacts.
  3. Reconfigure any type of space – Whether building new or remodeling, the Leaf solution can be configured in countless ways for any industry and melds with all of DIRTT’s wall solutions to support your dynamic needs.
  4. Protect your original investment – the Leaf folding wall uses existing DIRTT elements from your layout. This represents significant savings and reduces downtime when changes are required.

DIRTT’s Leaf™ Folding Wall

Leaf Folding Wall is currently available. Watch the video above and check out the photos below about how Leaf can transform your workspace. This is a great solution for training spaces and learning environments.

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