How DIRTT Timber Allows Design Freedom in Your Workspace

It starts with a line and leads to a one-of-a-kind space. A space made sustainably for the 21st century where technology drives the process and the result in nothing short of extraordinary. DIRTT’s Chicago Green Learning Center has been rejuvenated once again to inspire our visitors and showcase the best of DIRTT at Connext 2017.

Creative innovations push the limits of convention in manufactured construction. Experience what happens when traditional craftsmanship and modern technology collide to create stunning timber frame structures. The creative genius behind DIRTT combines complex geometries and exacting precision for an inspiring display.

The DIRTT Timber Frame solution uses a combination of glue laminated engineered wood (glulams) and cross-laminated timber (CLTs) available in completely customizable shapes and sizes. Each timber is connected through a series of wood connections and precisely dimensioned to create structures that are built to last for true sustainability. Using superior European materials sculpted under the supervision of expert craftsmen, DIRTT delivers a solution that is scalable to any location, integrates with DIRTT’s existing solutions, founded in technology and its beauty is unmatched.

DIRTT continues to redefine prefabrication, bringing the comfort of home anywhere – from office spaces to educational and healthcare facilities. From new wine rooms and closets to offices with a homey atmosphere, everything we build has DIRTT DNA at its core. All you need to do is imagine it.

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